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Hodgkinson Bennis provides installation and servicing for commercial boilers across all economic sectors. Our commercial boiler engineers provide an end-to-end service that is ideal for smaller and medium-sized systems.

We’re on hand to keep the hot water flowing and the air at the required temperature. We work in a range of economic sectors with a focus on improving energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. We can cover all commercial boiler installation and commissioning projects, and can provide emergency repairs and ongoing maintenance contracts. We have significant experience of projects, whether it’s for NHS Trusts, nurseries, schools and colleges, county councils or hospitality venues.

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Our work is highly rated and respected by clients for speed and quality of delivery.

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We have more than 140 years of innovation and excellence in combustion engineering.

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We are registered with every industry body and certified to their rigorous standards.

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Our engineers are highly competent and adhere to the highest Health & Safety standards.


We can undertake commercial boiler projects across a wide range of economic sectors, providing an end-to-end service. We start with design and planning, moving through installation and commissioning, and continue with maintenance and repairs. Whatever the sector, we have the experience to make the project work for your organisation.



Student Life

Whether it’s a small rural primary school, or a modern inner-city university campus, we work with education institutions of every size.

Buildings in the sector don’t always have the most energy efficient design, and will often have specific requirements such as heating a swimming pool or maintaining tight control over heat and humidity in a library. We’ll work hard to make sure their heating and hot water systems are the best they can be.​

  • Pre-school, Primary and Secondary – Maintaining an environment that’s conducive to learning means being able to control temperature, so a good boiler and excellent control systems are vital.


  • Further and higher education – It can be more complex to provide heating and hot water needs for such facilities as science labs and technology hubs, but we’re here to do just that.

  • Libraries – Maintaining a steady temperature and lower humidity is essential in libraries, both for paper and IT equipment. We’re here to deliver.



Hospital Corridor

More than in most other sectors, it’s vital for healthcare facilities to have safe and reliable access to heating and hot water, whether that’s a GP surgery or a major hospital.

There are some sector-specific requirements that require expert handling; for instance, hospitals can generate heat from clinical waste incineration. With our experience, we’re able to make healthcare facilities more energy efficient while keeping patients’ feet warm and clinicians’ hands clean.

  • GP surgeries – Keeping patients and clinicians warm in the winter and cool in the summer is all part of the service.

  • NHS community clinics – Smaller facilities need heat and hot water so that medical staff can limit infection risks.

  • Major NHS hospitals – Large hospitals need high volumes of hot water, as well as heating and cooling systems that can allow differential temperatures in different areas. We can fit state-of-the-art control systems that can deliver.

  • Private healthcare facilities – We work with private healthcare providers in a range of facilities.



Experts Panel

It’s important for the public sector to get value for money, so our work in council and local government property aims to deliver just that.

Whether it’s a council office building or a prison, many facilities weren’t designed with the comfort of residents in mind.

We will work to overhaul existing heating and hot water systems to make them fit for the 21st century, or design, install and commission systems in new premises.

  • Council offices – We present value for money by ensuring that hot water and heating in council-run facilities respond to the building’s needs.

  • Prisons – We take on the challenge to keep disruption to a minimum in custodial facilities which need new or refurbished boiler systems.

  • Housing associations – Whether it’s a communal heating and hot water system, or a series of individual units, we can work with housing associations to meet residents’ needs.



Chefs Discussing over Food

For the hospitality sector, keeping guests comfortable is of paramount concern. But different areas require different temperatures; for instance in a hotel, guest bathrooms will need to be kept warmer than guest bedrooms, which in turn need to be kept warmer than communal areas.

As well as installing or replacing bigger elements of heating and hot water system architecture, we can fit the latest in control systems to allow this to happen.


  • Bars and restaurants – Bars and lounges generally need to be kept a couple of degrees cooler than dining rooms, so good zoning and temperature control equipment is key.

  • Hotels – Guests require hot water that’s always on, but heating requires a careful balance for different areas.

  • Spas – Balancing heating and ventilation can be a challenge for spa facilities, so it’s vital to fit a good air handling unit.



Swimming Pool

Balancing the needs of a child splashing around in a learner pool with an adult sweating on a cross-training machine can be a challenge for sports facilities.

We’re here to ensure heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can deliver an energy-efficient solution to this problem. All the while, facilities need to have the health and safety of their customers front of mind; we’ll focus on such areas as storing hot water at the right temperature to avoid water-borne pathogens.

  • Sports centres – Sports facilities need to strike a fine balance between keeping the water hot and the air warm in the changing rooms, while keeping the air cooler for people in exercise areas.

  • Swimming pools – Maintaining the perfect balance between air and water temperatures requires an efficient boiler and great control equipment.

  • Educational sports facilities – Whether it’s a sports hall or a swimming pool, we’ll be able to meet all the needs of educational sports facilities.



Apartment Building

For employers, maintaining a certain temperature in the workplace is part of their health and safety obligations to their staff. We can work to ensure that they meet that commitment with reliable boiler and control systems.

For retail businesses, it can be a challenge to maintain the right temperature on the shop floor and in the stock room, while keeping energy bills under control. In particular, coping with seasonal temperature changes means it's essential to have a good boiler and heating control system. And especially in food retail, staff need to be able to keep their hands clean, so hot water is a priority too.

  • Offices – it’s important to keep office facilities at the right temperature, both to comply with health and safety regulations and ensure employee wellbeing.

  • Retail – It can be a challenge to make sure that retail units maintain the right temperature, especially in facilities selling refrigerated food.

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