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The boiler business is not just about fossil fuels. At Hodgkinson Bennis, our team of experienced biomass engineers can carry out installations nationwide, using various fuels and transport systems.

Hodgkinson Bennis is an expert in delivering complete turnkey projects for new installations, and we also offer comprehensive services for emergency repairs and ongoing maintenance.Whichever biomass fuel works for a particular project, we’ll come up with a storage system that suits you. And we can advise on any current incentive schemes to offset the capital costs of biomass boiler installation.

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Our work is highly rated and respected by clients for speed and quality of delivery.

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We have more than 140 years of innovation and excellence in combustion engineering.

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We are registered with every industry body and certified to their rigorous standards.

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Our engineers are highly competent and adhere to the highest Health & Safety standards.



Biomass has some clear advantages over other fuel types. Here we’ve outlined a few of them

  • Renewable Energy: Renewable energy sources, like wood and plant life, can be replenished after use, potentially outlasting traditional fossil fuels. However, unlike solar or hydropower, continual replenishment through practices like re-planting is necessary to mitigate issues like deforestation.

  • Carbon Neutrality: Biomass fuel, integral to the carbon cycle, releases only absorbed carbon into the atmosphere, promoting carbon neutrality. As plants are replenished, they reabsorb carbon, maintaining balance.

  • Conservation of Fossil Fuels: Increased use of biomass energy reduces dependence on fossil fuels, addressing climate change and environmental concerns. Biomass materials' abundance surpasses fossil fuels, offering a more sustainable fuel source and allowing non-renewable resources to be allocated elsewhere.

  • Accessibility: Biomass fuels, widely available globally, mitigate issues of fuel scarcity associated with fossil fuels. However, responsible management is vital to sustain this availability within the planet's natural lifecycle.

  • Domestic Production: Biomass fuel empowers individuals to produce energy independently, reducing reliance on large corporations. Domestic utilization, like wood burning for heating, offers cost savings and environmental benefits, fostering greater energy independence.


Gilles provides a range of Biomass boilers

At Hodgkinson Bennis, we work with the best boiler designers and manufacturers across the world. For most biomass deployments, we specify Gilles Biomass Heating systems.

Gilles provides a range of Biomass boilers suitable for every situation. Their high-performance pellet and wood-chip-fueled boilers are made to the highest industry standards. Many models within their range include fully automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger and ash removal without interrupting the normal system operation.

  • Gilles, an Austrian manufacturer, is considered a leading innovator in the areas of commercial and industrial biomass boilers. Their systems are characterised by their robustness and fuel efficiency.

  • The team at Gilles are experienced engineers and project developers. Together, they guarantee that their biomass boilers are developed to the latest technical standards and perfectly aligned with our customers' needs.

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